Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I smell a philosopher.

The Last Legion (2007)

Chosen by James Bloodworth who had this to say on it: 'Anything Arthurian is always bound to attract my attention (exception of Python) so I'd seen the poster at the cinema but never saw the film and just assumed I'd missed it. Reading on the internet, like most of DeLautentiis's films, it had undergone a turgid release history (although not as horrid as Outlander). It's based on a book and focuses on the decline of the Roman Empire, Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley are it's stars but it also has an impressive secondary cast. Ultimately, I like it because it takes its subject matter seriously and has some good set pieces and battles. The direction wavers at times but the onscreen chemistry between the primaries carry it on. The pacing is good and the action sparkles it along.'

Well first I'd like to thank James for the lend of the film but also giving more than a few words (he lent me about 5 and has done a short write up for each - what a trooper) on why he owns it. In fact most of the bits he sent me are probably longer than whatever I will end up writing but there we go.

This was an incredibly dull film filled with terrible accents (Kingsley seems to be doing the same Welsh thing Postlethwaite did in The Usual Suspects, I guess it kinda makes sense) and perfunctory plotting. The actions scenes are lacking in excitement and the dialogue that passes for flirting is terrible. Firth brings his inherent dignity but is horribly miscast, too noble and stiff to be the 'Han Solo' the movie so wants him to be (still he's not as bad as the pointless Darth Vader character they have) but can't deliver. This is the Krull of the 2000s.

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