Sunday, 9 January 2011

I am the backbone of colonial America!

I am still not entirely certain of the purpose or format for this blog, I want to do individual entries for each movie, hopefully more or less each day (though I'm already behind on that). But I'm a rather lazy writer with a preference towards writing short summaries of what I thought of a movie than something offering any depth particularly. Also I tend to write these as if to myself, so will very, very rarely mention any plot details or what the film's actually about as I prefer to just sketch in what did or didn't work for me. Oh and I tend to use parentheses (a lot).

In an effort to add some bulk, but also to allow a difference of voice and perhaps a more personal touch I will be asking anyone who lends me a film to just give me a few thoughts on it. Why they have lent it to me? What do they think is especially good (or bad, or just interesting) about it? Do they have a personal connection to it - was it the first film they saw at the cinema? That kind of thing. Just a few words to pad out my posting. It won't be a mandatory requirement so not giving me a few thoughts won't negate Rule 2. At least for now.

And so, on to the first movie I saw this year. Lent to me by Nottingham Film Critic Lauren Parker (although not as part of Rule 2 - I had in fact asked for this, and was given it last year but as i started to think of this endeavour I decided to save it for Jan 1st and the premier film).

Choke (2008)

This is a movie with a lot to like about it - another great performance from the ever reliable Sam Rockwell, it's funny and offbeat and filled with those little bits of typical Chuck Palahniuk business, the anarchist's handbook style details.
But writer/director and actor Clark Gregg (probably best known now for playing the slightly pathetic Shield agent in the Iron Man movies) doesn't have the strength of tone to carry off the Palahniuk novel with the same verve and success of Fincher's Fight Club (though that was also a better book to be fair). It all feels a bit too slight, with no consequence.
There is some fine support in Anjelica Huston and Kelly Macdonald.
Community fans - Cherry Daiquiri (that's not her real name) is played by Gillian Jacobs and is great in the brief couple of scenes we get with her.

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