Monday, 2 May 2011

Any humiliation which stood in his way could be swept aside by the simple act of annihilation: Murder

Tenebrae (1982)
Chosen by Lauren Parker who had this to say: 'Another choice in my attempt to make Dave squirm or have a heart attack. It's sadly only an average attempt by Argento but it does have some half decent deaths. The axe coming through the window to chop a well placed arm off is my only real memory of it to be honest!'

Not a terrific movie by any means and not too scary thankfully. It has a couple of Argento's trademark kills but everything feels so lazy (a woman is chased into the killer's house by a dog for seemingly no reason at all) that could be explained away in a supernatural story or if the atmosphere and plotting was much stronger.
I'm still not clear exactly how the flashback/dream sequence tie into anything or why some of the people are killed.
The DVD has some of the worst subtitles I've seen since my days of watching lots of Hong Kong movies with entourage being translated as on a roach, jailbait as jelda, perversion as possession and many, many spelling errors.

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