Monday, 30 May 2011

That's the end of the picture. But it's not the end of the mystery!

The Hangover Part II (2011)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot

Unfortunately it wasn't. Though claiming to be a 'gleeful black comedy' there's no funny to be found here for the most part. It's easy to see how this seems mostly forgotten now, it's central gimmick is a dud.
The cameos from a host of Hollywood legends in make-up utterly banal.
The actual mystery (not the spot the star game, which it may cheat at anyway) is mostly compelling until it utterly deflates itself and the film spends way too much time on foxhunts (possibly at Huston's request who had the James Bond spoof Casino Royale rewritten to fit the 'sport' in).

Ok so that was a bad bit of meta-humour by copy pasting my 'review' from yesterday I am of course suggesting that Hangover Part II is the worst kind of sequel. One that merely goes through exactly the same paces as the previous movie. It's kinda understandable, you want to give the viewers what they liked about the first one again but this is so lazily xeroxed over it only makes the flaws of the first so much more noticable.
All the characters are complete aresholes, still, but the lack of surprise means you are focussed on this more. Bradley Cooper's Phil may be the worst of the lot, just a horrid, horrid man.
Everything feels so tired and dull this time, the trail of clues for what happened over the night doesn't seem to really connect or build.


  1. Um, is this not the review for The List of Adrian Messenger?

  2. Doh, ok, I missed the joke. But at least I was keen enough to want to read it?