Monday, 2 May 2011

Meaningless milestone - Hooray

I loves you

Well, here we are 122 films in. Which is probably about 244 hours or so of movie. Only about 10 days solid, doesn't seem so much really. But it's a full third of the way through this endeavour. It's had an odd effect on the way I perceive time. Normally I would see about 2 new films a week. So now, with 7, it feels like I'm much further into the year. Is it really only 4 months ago I saw Choke?

I wasn't sure of the purpose of the blog back then. I'm still not sure now.
I think I am quite a lonely, awkward person. I can be hard to get along with, people don't often invite me to social gatherings (the fact that I would call them social gatherings goes someway to explaining that, I'm just not a fun person).
So I crave my facebook, my twitter, my blog. Every 'like', comment and view genuinely, rather pathetically, cheers me up. It's certainly why I added my rule of not being able to reject any film offered to me but also to force the lender to write a short intro for their choice. My film viewing habits are very solitary and this creates a (fake) sense of interaction.

But of course the other, much better reason is that I get to see things I would never, ever have thought of watching. How could I forget this:
still so amazing
or possibly one of the worst films I have ever seen. A chance to catch missed classics, interesting films I hadn't heard of, great new films (ok granted I would have seen those anyway).

I don't get a massive amount of page views each day but i cherish everyone and become addicted to seeing the tracking number go up as the hours go by (you see - I really don't have much of a life).
A third of the way in and the most popular 'reviews' have been:

5). my conversation with god

4). I like Bradley Cooper I guess but still don't see why this is top 5

3). Another God

2). one of my longest 'reviews', a beautiful rant

1). interactive part of gimmick week

A couple of those are my favourites so it's nice to see them represented. Gimmick week as a whole was annoying as hell to do but fun (am actually very fond of this one with it's forced Community reference and the one that kicked the whole thing off). And of course one of my favourite tags had to be natalie portman masturbates a lot.

I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this, whether just reading the blog or leaving a comment but most especially to those that have lent me movies, good or bad, and taken time to write me up an introduction. It really does mean a lot to me.

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