Friday, 27 May 2011

Hire the smart, fat girl

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
Chosen by Jamie Blackmore who had this to say:'Really liked this movie, even though the plot and eventual conclusion for the main character are signposted a mile away. Also has the severely underused Stanley Tucci, as Nigel. And as Meryl Streep would say, "That's all"'

Annoying in a number of ways not least never questioning the idea that Anne Hathaway could be thought of as fat. At one point a character suggests Meryl Streep wouldn't be thought of harshly if she was a man but the film does the same thing with Hathaway. Everyone gets angry she would dare to be good at her job, sacrificing some personal life (so she didn't make her boyfriends birthday, it happens, way to overreact jerkface) to achieve her dream job. Also the comparison between what she does to Emily Blunt and what Streep does to Tucci seems entirely spurious and as empty and meaningless as the rest of the film.

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  1. Aye, she doesn't do anything to Blunt, it was the decision of the boss. If the boss gives the perk to someone else, and they earned it via hard work, you need to either work harder/smarter or shut up.