Friday, 20 May 2011

there is another kind of love, the cruellest kind, the one that almost kills it's victims, it's called unrequited love. of that I am an expert.

The Holiday (2006)
Supplied, but not chosen, by Victoria Charvill from a stack of DVDs she was giving away.

I have little problem with an action movie cheating it's 'love' story. So we get a montage of Tracy and James Bond (buoyed by the awesome Louis Armstrong of course) to show their growing affection for each other. The focus of the film is not their hook up, and the fact it spends even this much time on it is warrented as something special within the films universe.
Romantic comedies constantly needing to do this drives me nuts. So we get montage after montage with no dialogue to cheat out of the crippling difficulty in connecting with another human being (ok so that may be my hang up I guess a lot of people don't find it as difficult as I do). Ha ha ha', they laugh together at some unknown joke (and who laughs like that anyway?). 'oh you' she seems to mouth whilst playfully hitting him on the arm, all the while some lame soft pap pop song plays.
And often they compound the problem by forcing a really short time scale on it. I'll barely have remembered your name after two weeks, let alone fallen in love (again I may not be the best base line for comparison but still).
The Holiday makes it even worse by giving Diaz the terrible character trait of not being able to cry. You see her parents broke up when she was seven and it so traumatised her that she vowed never to feel that way again. Until having to go back home after spending two weeks (well less really) with Jude Law. 
So a terrible moment from her childhood is directly compared to her leaving some bloke after 14 days. Smooth. A lazy bit or hacky writing in a film filled with lazy bits of hacky writing.
Winslet and Black are quite sweet together though, and if that storyline had time to play out properly I may have been kinder towards this crap.

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