Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I don't dance with naked soldiers.

Passchendaele (2008)
Chosen by Shane Leahy who had this to say about it:'I am a big history buff, when I heard about a film made about Canadian soldiers and partly filmed in Alberta I had to get it. Though I was surprised when I watched the movie and it was more of a love story then a war movie. I still enjoyed the film and it gave a different perspective then what you normally see in a US or UK film.'

The Great War has never been as cinematically represented as WWII, probably because the Nazis make for clear simple villains so the cliches have never become quite as entrenched.
Still Passchendaele feels a little second hand (I get why the love interest would have to be a nurse as how else can the meet on the battlefield but still), it has those small touches of detail (dry matches) that reveal it to be clearly a researched passion piece for Paul Gross.
Unfortunately a rote love story and war is hell text bore more than inflame and a silly ending (a call back to talk about a World War One 'urban legend') which has Gross literally bearing a cross, detracts from some good performances and an interesting look at the 'war at home' in Canada.

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