Friday, 13 May 2011

I made that armour. it's not magic. it's just shiny.

The Brothers Grimm (2005)
Chosen by Ian Culbard who had this to say: 'a film you watch while waiting for something to happen. Its entertaining enough and there are fleeting glimpses of Monty Python / Time Bandits / Baron Munchausen - and here I'm thinking more the beggar with no legs, the architecture... elements like that which relate more to Gilliam than the rest of those Pythons... but essentially its rather a flat story that fails to really draw on the rich collected imagination of the Brothers Grimm. IT COULD HAVE BEEN MORE!!!! SO MUCH MORE!!!! when you consider just how many stories the Brother's collected! And that's my gripe with this. I would have liked to have seen a sort of Wold Newton Universe that served only to inspire them in their later years. Something like that.... but anyway. Entertaining fluff, but really nothing more than that. Been a long time since I'd seen it... wonder what you make of it.'

There's a fair bit to like here but as with a lot of Gilliam's films it doesn't quite hang together (and is let down by some really shoddy effects work).
It's a fun take on fairy tales told, and played, very broad (Stormare adds another ludicrously accented eccentric to his collection) and silly.
Damon's performance can't quite get past his accent but Ledger and Headly are pretty good and when Bellucci asks 'who is the fairest of them all?' I don't think we need a second opinion.
Very, very flawed (scenes seem to have no connecting tissue, all a bit random and haphazard) but not without it's charms.

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