Wednesday, 18 May 2011

If you only heard the sponge cake story.

Thirst (2009)
Chosen by Andrew who had this to say: 'A great post-Twilight vampire film by Chan-wook Park (Oldboy). The film is a fusion of genres with a streak of black comedy. A stylish and different take on the vampire genre with strong performances by Kang-ho Song and Ok-bin Kim.'

A very strange beast. Filled with non-sequiturs and offbeat moments.
It's another visually striking film from Park with great performances.
It's ending is never really in doubt (though even that plays out with some silly humour that makes it all the bleaker), indeed I can think of a number of Vampire films that go for this but the journey there is most unexpected. Elements of The Postman Always Knocks Twice or Les Diaboliques clash up in fun ways with the story of a Priest becoming a vampire and learning to fall in love (and more importantly sin).
Terrific stuff.

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