Sunday, 8 May 2011

There's no such thing as the vampire menace

Priest (2011)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot.

In many ways this seems to be more of a Judge Dredd adaptation than a Priest one (at least from my vague memory of the Korean comic, of which I have only read the first volume about 7 years ago). The city is very much Mega City, the wasteland operates like the Cursed Earth, Judges become Priests and religion taking place of The Law.
It's a pretty ropey tale neither the Vampire plan nor the Church's reaction to it make much sense and Paul Bettany makes for a dreary dull lead. But it has it's moments, reasonably thrilling action heroics (with yet another showing for the ever popular cave troll cgi design) and I'm always a sucker for the Western/Science Fiction combo.
3D was ok.

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