Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Would you force the sea to grow still, to save one wave? To save yourself?

Tales from Earthsea (2006)
Chosen by Sabine Woolnough who had this to say: ‎"for a studio Ghibli film, it was pants" done :D"  
I wasn't too happy with this to be honest so I badgered her for something more and got this: "really weird film, animation totally changed at the end. Was like they couldn't be arsed. Also the storytelling was a little dull too. Didnt really like any of the characters."

I can't say I noticed too much difference in animation towards the end (maybe a couple of ropey shots when a castle was being destroyed) but she is completely correct about how dull this is.
It starts with some casual patricide which it then ignores for much of the movie and then fails to explain satisfactorily anyway. The world's rules are ill defined and the characters even more so. Dalton delivers some solid voice work but has little to play with.
The film drifts along with little forward momentum and then just kind of ends.
It's certainly pretty in places (although a lot of the design work seems second hand, lifts from Nausicaa especially) but a disappointing effort from a normally solid studio.

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