Monday, 9 May 2011

Tell me what music feels like?

Hanna (2011)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot.

Joe Wright is obsessed with circles, or at least 360 degree movement, in this film. It begins and ends with the same dialogue (which should be obvious the second Ronan says it at the start - it's a bit too 'cute' to not have been the set up for a call back) and the camera is constantly circling warily around the cast (often far too distracting and often the sign of someone who doesn't know how to shoot people talking around a table but it's used here all over the place) in different ways.
I assume this is a deliberate attempt to force some thematic depth on a very slight and silly (it's taken all very seriously of course but at the end of the day this is part of the plot for the upcoming Captain America movie applied to an unwitting young girl) story. It's well made but let down by some horrid moments where it wants to play up the culture clash element of a child taught to do nothing but adapt or die (as long as it comes to killing, she's no good at adapting to turning on a teevee it seems - her Dad should have come in and shot her then, saving us all a whole lot of 'comedy', although the answer "3 Bullets" to a question about how her mother died is a good one).
For all the time it spends with a slightly annoying terribly middle class British family it then denies an emotional pay off, and instead it gives to a character we've seen for about 5 minutes. Odd.

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