Tuesday, 22 March 2011

And I would prefer a religion that didn't need priests.

Massacre in Rome (1973)
Chosen by Clarry McDonald who had this to say: 'true story of an attack on a German police battalion in Rome during the war. Very stolid, but I can listen to Richard Burton read the telephone directory.'

A deeply complex film in many ways. Burton's character is in a horrible position and wants to do right but one of the ways he thinks he can solve it well is to arbitrarily assign a list of Jewish families to be killed (in retaliation for over 30 German soldiers being ambushed and killed).
It's rather dry apart from that, but the minutiae of deciding to kill 300 plus people in cold blood is fascinating in it's mundanity.
It is rather pointed in it's critique of the Vatican during this time but Mastroianni's Priest is perhaps a little too brilliant and his actions at the end take away from the impact of the massacre rather than reinforce it.

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  1. oh i feel I should point out the 330 odd killed weren't all Jewish. Some were criminals on death row or arrested for violent crimes and some (i think - I got a little confused on what they were deciding)were from hospitals.