Friday, 4 March 2011

Spider Shot countered!

Project A-Ko (1986)
Chosen by Sabine Woolnough who had this to say about it: 'pretty much my fav anime film when i was young (akira is my 1st fav!)'

I started today's gimmick by spelling out the name of the person who lent me the film down the side of the page, but thought that was a bit dull (and couldn't quite get the formatting right) so added another gimmick on by running the sentences through an online translator to Japanese and then back to English. Enjoy.

The most stupid animated cartoon ridiculous thing which is a pleasure of enormous quantity.
Ako has the scene of some pleasant fights and a sense of humor odd attractively.
I can write a blast as a whim at a fair old pace with a style forward.
About its getting the girl who outwardly comes out of nowhere (so far) probably mind of Scot pill Grimm who had it seems to have been influence on strange quarrel.
Naturally its being a strange custom such (get the crotch shot of all over about two seconds and we schoolgirls);, however, is too odd to be obscene.
I am totally like the love and the splendid contents which I sometimes look, and are luxurious.

And the original:

Supremely silly anime nonsense that is a huge amount of fun.
A-ko has some delightful fight scenes and an endearingly goofy sense of humour.
Blasting along at a fair old pace with whimsy and style.
It seems to have been an influence on Scott Pilgrim, perhaps, with it's bonkers fights over       winning a girl seemingly coming from nowhere.
Naturally it has it's peculiarities (about two seconds in and we get a crotch shot of a               school girl) but is too goofy to be salacious.
Excellent stuff, totally lovable and at times gorgeous to look at.

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  1. You should write like this normally, it gave me a great amount of pleasure - I particularly liked the phrase 'the splendid contents which I sometimes look, and are luxurious.' I aim to use this sometime!