Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy

Old Joy (2006)
Chosen by Ian Love who had this to say about it: 'I don't know why I recommended this to Dave really, It's just a very cool road trip movie with a very cool soundtrack from the legendary Yo La Tengo and features a great performance from singer songwriter Will Oldham aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy!'

A very, very slight wisp of a film. Two friends go to a hot spring in the mountains and come home - that's it. But short enough to not bore, certainly. Indeed it was quite fascinating in many ways. Quiet, reflective, ambiguous with a splendid dreamy soundtrack and beautiful location shooting.
A hard film to love perhaps, as it's a mere snapshot of a friendship, nothing more to get to grips with but that is very pleasing in it's own way.
I had never even heard of this film (of course the same was true of Big Stan) and is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to achieve with this endeavour.
This won't be among my favourites of the year I dare say, but absolutely makes doing this blog worthwhile.

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