Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Seems like you want to run away.

I am Number Four (2011)
Chosen by me because I like to go the cinema a lot and this was the first thing on after Rango finished.

I am Number Poor.
I am number Two.

Okay I've run out of rubbishy puns, but the film does suck.
Basically a crappy Buffy knock off  (but what, five years too late? a kid uses an X-Files reference almost ten years after it finished and maybe 13 since it had any cultural relevance) with very little to recommend it. Olyphant sleepwalks his way through a nothing role and Pettyfer is a bland pretty boy saddled with horrid dialogue.
Most of the action is messy and dull but a couple of moments stand out.
The end threatens more films to come but who really cares?

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