Monday, 28 March 2011

How many of us ever know what it is to become the perfect version of ourselves?

Limitless (2011)
Chosen by me as I like to go to the cinema a lot. Though a friend on facebook had this to say, which made me laugh: 'like a feature-length American Express ad with delusions of being a Fincher film' 

This starts with a couple of bad ideas. One: that Bradley Cooper is a lazy science fiction writer, they can change the lighting and his hair all they want; he always looks like a model.
Two: the old 'you only use 20% of your brain' nonsense gets trotted out to explain the super effects of a strange clear pill.
And then never really goes anywhere. For someone who is meant to be accessing the perfect version of himself he's still all kinds of dumb (I guess there's meant to be some addiction parable going on here but the morals of the film are all over the place) and nothing seems to logically follow from anything else.
Still it was nice seeing T.V. Carpio (who gave an amazing rendition of I Want to Hold Your Hand' in Across the Universe) again even if only briefly.
Abbie Cornish and De Niro add a whole lot of nothing.

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