Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Chocolate (2008)
Chosen by Lauren Parker who had this to say: 'This film is awesome, simple as. Some of the storyline is alittle silly but the fight sequences are amazing. My particular favourite is when our heroine mimics Bruce Lee, any of his fans will be able to pick up on the small little mannerisms that make the sequence so much fun to watch. This is one of my favourite recent martial arts films and I try and recommend it to everyone!'

I've not been massively keen on the recent cycle of martial arts movies from Thailand but this was a lot of fun.
The action was shot clearly without hundreds of edits and varied enough to keep interesting (I find myself getting a little bored of action movies now - sigh, growing old).
The main character seems to share the power of a couple of marvel superheroes - Echo and Taskmaster (well he's a villain mostly), copying things she has seen on screen but it's canny enough at least to show her training slightly to excuse why she is physically able to do these crazy things (it still doesn't make much sense).

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