Sunday, 6 March 2011

Take that barnacle off his lip.

Steamboat Bill Jnr. (1928)
Chosen by me from my stack of unwatched DVDs.

Well 'gimmick week' comes to an end (I've decided it would be a working week not a full one - don't judge me) and it proved very popular. So thanks to everyone for taking part and being enthusiastic. I found it a real pain in the arse to do, but don't rule out a return before the year is out if I get bored again.

Much like The General I didn't really get on with this film. Too long without any good gags. 50 mins of rubbishy jokes about hats but at least the last 15 minutes does kick up a gear. We have the famous bit of the side of a building falling over Keaton, which is a terrific visual and the running around in the wind perhaps outstays it's welcome a little but is generally funny.

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