Thursday, 17 March 2011

I wouldn't mind replacing my guns with tactical nuclear weapons.

Dominion Tank Police (1988)
Chosen by Sabine Woolnough who had this to say: 'another anime fav i grew up with ^_^ and it has tanks.'

Sometimes when watching movies you can have an incredibly clear image of the creators behind the piece. How they were making it, what they wanted to express, the kind of person they are. This image is almost certainly not even close to the truth but it is the power of art and entertainment to express not only an idea but but an idea of where that idea comes from.
I'd like to believe that if someone who didn't know me was reading these (and god only knows why they would be?) they would not only get a tiny understanding of what the film is like (I really don't go much into that beyond a general sense of whether I liked it or not, and even then some of my friends have stated they're not sure sometimes if I'm saying a film is good or not) but also a sense of what kind of person I am. Would they pick up a sense of intense white, middle class guilt? A pretentious, rather moribund iconoclast? An opinionated devil's advocate?

All of that was a pointlessly roundabout way of saying I had the strangest vision whilst watching Dominion Tank Police.
I quite clearly saw the guy doing the music on a crummy Yamaha electric keyboard, fag hanging out of his mouth, more ash than cigarette, hitting the pre-programmed beat buttons.
A fun, silly action scene needs scoring. He thinks for a second then hits button 3 - 'tssh, tssh, beep, tssh' goes the crappy electronic sound.
A crazy, out of nowhere striptease from genetically created cat women in order to distract the police starts. He nods. He knows he needs to get a little jazzy with this one. That calls for button 7 - 'boo doo be do wah'
A mysterious man appears. The cigarette finally gets it's ash tapped out. He has to pull out all the stops for this one. He flexes his fingers and hits button 4 - 'brr, beep'. The man is content.

Yeah so, I really, really hated the music in this.
Other than that it's a fun romp, full of bizarre non-sequiturs and crazy imagery (inflatable penises are put to a very strange use but prove once and for all that the cock is mightier than the tank, or something).

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