Saturday, 12 March 2011

Deserted or dead, either way, we can forget them

The Bunker (2001)
Chosen by Darron Bowley (the first of many WWII films from him) who had this to say: 'One of only a few movies that focus on the Germans rather than the Allies. I like it's attempt to be vague about what's going on; is it ghosts, gas or fevered paranoia? Nice to see a good british cast too. Overall though, I felt it lacked some Oomph in the tension and scare dept. Ultimately, not really a war film and not really a horror either but an enjoyable little diversion non the less.'

Decent and mostly effective little chiller but very slight.
It's ambiguity is interesting but I think favours a supernatural reading as this group of soldiers falls apart a bit too easily and conveniently.
The acting is nicely underplayed for the most part, not getting too bogged down with histrionic screaming as these bottle/siege stories often fall into.

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  1. I really like this one.

    I'm sure I've watched it on magic mushrooms once, just for a really messy one.